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Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S 97-03



Gauge Cluster Color Change  
Change your gauge color to cool blue
Streetfighter Conversion  
From scrapyard to mean streetfighter.
Clutch push rod seal fix  
Fix your leaky clutch push rod seal for good! Complete with rod protector.
McKeowns Inline Fuel Filter  
Fuel filter need to be maintained but your stocker is hard to get at in the tank. Do this mod to make fuel filter changing easy and maybe even give you better flow.
Clear Clutch Cover Conversion  
Low cost big *bling*
Clutch Fluid Change  
Change your fluid every season!
Clutch Mount Repair  
If your chain snapped and took out your clutch mounts then this just might save you
Hi Beam Mod  
Make your high beam shine on all filaments!
Projector Headlight Swap  
Tired of that old aged headlight and not being able to see at night, then this is must!
Engine Replacement  
This is what happens when your engine pukes out a main bearing
Slash-Cut Exhaust mod  
Love the sound of those S&S evil sounding motors? Make your TL sound BETTER!
Hump Fix  
Do this or your hump will fall off!!
Airbox Mod  
Is your airbox modded??
Power Connector Fix  
Modify your electrical system to restore performance.
No-cost Fender Eliminator Mod  
Lighten up the way the ass end looks for FREE
Riflemans 1/5 Throttle insert Mod  
Modify your stock throttle to be more responsive
Stock Exhaust Mod  
Modify your stock exhaust to be cooler than your RS3 bolt-ons.
Adjust your TPS and Sync your TBs  
With a twin it is important to make sure your throttle bodies are synched
TRE Mod  
Again with a little help from TLZ another mod...
Pair Valve Mod  
Remove some senseless emissions crap
Build your own YOSH box


Build your own YOSH box taken from a post by Steve TLS at TLZone YOSH box instructions

98-02 TLR Manual
If you have the bike you MUST have the manual GET IT (right click and choose "save as")




See my GPI work (in theory)