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Clutch Push Rod Seal Fix









Thanks to Sam AKA fiche-man at for this great idea.


If you have not had the pleasure of replacing this seal on your TL then I'm sure you will soon. This fix uses a 2003 SV1000 push rod seal which is a bit more robust than the stock TL seal.



2003 SV1000 Clutch push rod seal

Use a large tool to depress rear brake

Remove clutch cylinder (2 bolts) and Sprocket cover. Then remove speedo nut and sprocket nut.

Take off the chain and give yourself some slack

Notice my rear rim from the leak = YUCK

Mark the sprocket & remove the clutch push rod

I like to mark the sprockets direction so that you can put it back the same way it went it. The sprockets and chain wear to match each other.

Remove the seal retainer plate (2 bolts)

The seal retainer plate can be tricky. Try NOT to bend it. Once the 2 bolts are remove the top of the bracket should come forward. Then the bracket can be lifted up and out. you may need to loosen the 2 or 3 bolts on the stator cover that are closest to the front sprocket.

Retainer plate removed

Marking your sprocket

My chain and sprockets only have a couple hundred miles on them but they are worn in and should be put back where they came from.

Worn in side

This wear is because the sprocket washer was installed the in the wrong place -behind the sprocket instead of between the sprocket and nut.

Not worn in

Expose the clutch rod seal

Use the clutch push rod to remove the old seal

Seal comparison


Modification of retainer plate

make sure there is a little space for the seal to move

Rmove any sharp edges with a small round file

Insert new seal seating it flush

Insert retainer plate

Locktite the retainer plate bolts

Put everything back

Resurfacing the worn push rod

Mark the dirty side of the pushrod (outside). You don't want that going through your new seal. I used a marker on that end for a marking.

Put it in your dremel

Bring the rough spots to a smooth shine with a very fine polishing abrasive

Making a push rod protector

Mark a drinking straw

Start off with about this much -you should only need 1.5 inches

How long is your rod?

Don't know why I took this pic

Stretch out a pen spring

Flute one end of the straw

Get the idea?

The straw will protect the rod from getting gued up. That gue dries the the rod and is then forced into your seal when you squeeze the clutch. The straw prevents this gue from getting on your rod. The spring keeps the fluted end of the straw against the seal while the rod moves in and out.