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Gauge Light Color Change







For this mod we open the gauge cluster and replace the 2 light bulbs that light up the gauge faces and with 6 super bright diffused LEDs the color you want. Many others have done this before me and that's where I got the idea :)


You will need to know how to solder. You will need to know that LEDs can only work one way -put in backwards and they will not work. You need to know that standard LEDs run off of 3.5 volts and will need a resistor to prevent from instantly burning out at 12v bike power.


I used these LEDs from




Remove the 3 screws on the back of the cluster

remove the large screw in the center og the circuit board

Remove this bulb and replace with an LED. Bend the LED leads as shown and solder then to the circuit board

Another shot of the LED mounted. Note the polarity is shown

The other LED in place and soldered. Not polatiry is shown.

3 LEDs shown mounted and wired -circled in red

The 2 LEDs had to be modified to fit behind the face. THe base of the LEDs were removed (easily broken off with pliers) and the components in the base were re-soldered.

*Note: if you did not use the LEDs I have used then they may not have a base to break off.

The 3 LEDs circled in red behind the black face.

On the right most LED you can see tha base has been removed and the component are at right angles to the LED (circled in blue).

Here you can see the wires on the back side of the board.

End Result