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Slash-Cut Exhaust Mod



I love the sound of a Harley or S&S V-Twins with drag pipes. So I made mine sound just like them (only better). I ordered some internal baffles and cut away the unneeded parts. The results are below...

Lots of questions on this mod:

Q: Does it annoy you when you ride?

A: Nope, growls like a bear when I'm putting but roars like a lion when I snap the throttle

Q: Are those readings with the baffles in?

A: Yes

Q: How does this mod effect performance

A: I noticed no difference, but I need a remap anyway. Once you do this mod you should get remapped -same as if you changed any exhaust.

Q: Do you have a db reading of before the mod

A: No I was anxious to get it done -sorry

Tools Required:

Hand Grinder -cutting wheel Drill + 1/4" or 3/8" bit Hack Saw/ Band Saw
Internal Baffles 1 3/4" Wrenches to take off the cans on Large Adjustable wrench

Last look at my modded stockers

Slide in baffle

Baffle diameter

Baffle length

Baffle small end diameter

Cut in place

Cut off can mounts

93db 12 feet away (idle)

1' from the side of the bike (idle)

Onboard rev

Final look

Other side

Back side

Video 1    Video 2    Video 3