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Hump Fix


OK so we have all heard about others with the TLR and the hump flying off and skipping down the road. Or maybe it has happened to you??!!

Every now and then when I'm a little heavy on the throttle my hump (cowling) stops me from sliding off the bike. So I took a look at my brackets to make sure I would not become a hump horror story and sure enough it appeared as though the bracket bolts were lose. So I went to tighten the bolts only to find out that one of the plastic mounts was completely broken.

The final result should hold up much better than stock.

1) Cut a piece of muffler hanger as shown in pictured

2) Make a bend as shown in picture e. Make sure the holes line up like picture f.

3) Make the other bend so you have a bracket that looks like picture b.

4) Drill holes for the rivets and rivet the brackets in place as shown in picture g. Notice that the left bracket is over the existing plastic and mount and the right one is taking place of the plastic that broke away.

5) Bolt on your bracket!

Muffler hanger strip metal Drill + bit for 1/4" rivets Metal shears (to cut the strip metal)
1/4" rivets & rivet gun    

a) Can you spot the crack?

b) 1st Bracket ready

c) Rivet in place

d) Start of 2nd bracket

e) Bend 1

f) Hole alignment

g) 2nd Bracket in place

h) Final product

Front bracket fix

Fairly simple, give it shot.