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Projector Headlight Swap



Before & After


The TLR comes with a headlight and yes it works ok and probably was great back in 1998. But by today's standards it is very poor. So time for an update! I saw this headlight for sale at the Agro Cycles ebay store for $100 and I bought it. It arrived in the mail the very next day -big props to Argo for shipping it minutes after my order and it arriving nicely packed safe and sound. The headlight is from an 05 Triumph Sprint.

As it turns out this was a fairly easy upgrade to the bike. All 3 lights checked out OK and are very bright. Fitting everything to the bike was not hard at all. There are black spaces above the headlight but they look like air vents or intakes. I am very happy with the final product.

A good place to find salvaged parts like this headlight is at Argo Cycles or at their ebay store.

Bike wiring

Ground B/W (Black / white trace)
Low = B/G (Black with Green trace)
High = B/Y (Black with Yellow trace)


You need to "short" or run a wire inside the high/ low switch to make sure the low always stays on. This is the high beam mod. With the switch modified the two outer will be on for low and all three will be on for high. If you leave the switch as is the side lamps will be on for low and the center will be on for high.


2005 Triumph Sprint

Front view of the 05 Triumph Sprint

Initial comparison

mock-up cut out

Contour comparison

Initial size-up

Initial size-up (inside)

Initial cutting lines

Tools I used

Air Dremel with a sanding drum bit and a dremel cutting wheel

Sizing it up

I didn't want to just follow my initial lines since they eyballed

Bottom cut

Working the sides

Profile size-up

Done with cutting -mount time

Before and After

Fairing mount modded

Left fairing arm modded

Fairing mount trimmed

Fairing mount trimmed

Plastic rivet points cut

Final hole

Stock (left) Sprint (right)

Stock (front) Sprint (back)

Wiring from Sprint headlight

Extending the sprint harness

Quick connects added

Stock harness modded

Harness mod

I have taken the wires that used to go to the left hand buld for the stock light and wrapped it around to tie it in and put them together with the right hand side wiring, then I added quick connectors and taped everything in place.

Modded arm & fittment

Modded arm fittment

Final product

Final product from angle

Gaps filled

I have not filled the gaps as of yet but here is what it should look like when I'm done

right side bracket


High beam

Low beam

Light tip before cut

Modding dash side cover

Modded dash side cover

Headlight tip cut to fit dash cover

Tip cut & sealed

Dash cover on


Masked for paint

I painted the vents white.


The high beam mod was done to get all 3 lights to light for high beam.