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Fender Eliminator



The TL stock has this big horrible looking mud flap on the rear that provides mounting for the stock turn signals and license plate. Funny thing, I never really noticed the big ugly mud flap until I saw how nice other bikes looked without them. The solution to the big nasty fender is a fender eliminator or under tail. There are many different versions of under tails or fender eliminators and all are over $100. I really don't like the popular under tails out there on the market and most require modification to fit right anyway -so I decided to just hack away at my stock parts.

Cat eye signals can be found at the LuckyBike Ebay Store



Cutting the fender

The tape was just an easy way to mark where to cut

Way under...

I put a piece I cut from the original fender on the under side to prevent water or dirt from getting into my trunk

Part 2

From this point on I pull the tail apart add directionals and neaten up the trunk

Trunk material

trace a pattern onto the material

Trunk hole

Trunk home from the back

Material riveted

Under my tail

Inside the trunk

Way under with tail together

Plate mounting

Cat eye turn signal mounting

Smoked cat eye blends right in

Plate light mounting

If your head was by the brake you'd see...

Low view

Finished tail