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Revised version 0000.1





This build started in 2008 as a junk TL1000R ready to be scrapped. With the initial build I ran into issues registering the frame and I picked up a powder coated frame with paperwork. This triggered a complete rebuild and many new modifications.


New Stuff:


  • Coolant overflow bottle

  • Green paint scheme

  • Gauge holder

  • Headlight housing

  • Full bike paint

  • Green accent lighting



Build begin




Build Finish


Motor out and Painted

Ready to go into the frame

Motor mounted

Ninja 650 shock conversion

Front and rear ends on

Tail mounted wit electrics

headlight housing

fittment of dash and light housing

Light housing and dash -trimmed and painted

Front fender... still wet

Tank painted and resealed fuel pump


getting ready to fab up the overflow mount

Tank mock fitting




The first Build 0000; the first version of this bike as a fighter. She is loud and sexy with plenty of power. Built from a 2002 Suzuki TL1000R  V-Twin. Originally this bike was purchased as a parts bike and I built her from parts I accumulated over the years of owning TLs.  I would say this is 80% Mad Max & 20% Mad  Scientist.

As of June 10, 2010


The "Dirty Fighter" as of 08-09


Chopped subframe and modified TLR tail fairing

Custom coolant overflow. The bracket is made of a set of brass knuckles

Ghost (black on black) hand cut skull reflective decal on the hugger. Skull brass knuckles heel guards

Off road headlights, mirrors on radiator, hyabusa low-profile hand controls, custom dach and headlight mount, custom cut front fender

WWII trench knuckles inset (removable) custom TLR tail, racing 905 stunt cages, slash cut exhaust

Dirty Fighter logo








The initial objective here was to create a "Streetfighter Skin". I wanted to be able to switch between fighter and race in under an hour...



 The initial objective changeThe above TL will return to factory as I have purchased another TL to turn fighter (see below)



Parts needed:

  • Dash/ Cluster *Came from TILLERMAN (Jay)

  • Throttle bodies *Came from TILLERMAN (Jay)

  • Airbox *Came from tiptoe (Brian)

  • Starter relay * Freebee from cyclecamper (Greg, Long Beach CA)

  • Pilot seat *Came from Fester (David, Canada)

  • Ignition *Came from Fester (David, Canada)

  • Hugger

  • Rear brake lever

I got most of the parts and ended up needing some bolts and other stuff that I ordered from This is the bike as of 6-10-08...


More parts needed:

  • Gas cap *Freebee from Airnavy (Mickey)

  • Left Switches *Freebee from ITSMESTEVE (Steve, in Australia)

As of 8/28/08



As of 3-09


Test Run


As of 06-09

Jeep Lights

Knuckles heel guard

Knuckles for fun

Knuckles heel guard again

Mirror closeup

Mirror extended

Mirror front side (extended)

Mirror front side (folded)

Mirror pilots view (folded)

Mirror pilots view (extended)