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McKeowns Inline Fuel Filter



The writings on this page and the picture above provided by Jim McKeown


Hey chuck as you requested here is the write up I did on the inline filter mod:

Ok for those who want to do this "Mckeown's Inline fuel filter mod" -I have heard others have done it, but was unable to find a write up on it, so I'm calling it mine until someone else calls me on it, then I will renounce my MOD.

Materials needed:

4 ft or more (room for error) of 5/16" Fuel injector hose
(6) 14-16mm hose clamps
A Puraolator F10024 Fuel Filter
1 Zip Tie

First remove the gas tank
1. remove the steering damper (6mm Hex)
2. remove the 2 front bolts holding the tank on (4mm Hex)
3. Remove the rider's seat (6mm Hex)
4. Unplug the fuel pump & tip sensor plugs under the rider's seat (fuel pump is the black one, tip sensor is grey
5. Lift tank and use stay bar.
6. Remove Vent hose
7. Remove Send hose (the one with the blue quick disconnect tabs) use a rag to catch the little bit of gas that will come out, it should stop flowing.
8. Remove the return hose (one with a clamp on it) after you take this off fuel will continue to pour out of the tank, use a rubber nipple to stop the flow (I said nipple)
9. Remove 2 rear bolts holding on tank (12mm Bolt)
10. Remove the tank!

McKeown's Inline Fuel Mod
1. Remove all bolts holding the pump in (underside of the tank)
2. Remove the pump
3. Cut the zip tie at the top of the rubber boot and remove the rubber cover (boot)
-The filter is the fat round one held in by hoses only-
4. Unscrew the screws holding the filter on the top of the fuel assembly
5. Use pliers to slide the clamps off the hoses holding the filter and remove the filter.
7. Remove the hoses that held the filter in place, cut a piece of your new 5/16" Injector hose and place it over the nipples that you just removed the hose from, SECURE THIS HOSE WITH YOUR NEW 14-16mm HOSE CLAMPS!!!!
8. In reverse order, put the pump back in the tank (TIGHTEN BOLTS IN PROPER ORDER, TO PROPER TORQUE!)

McKeown's Inline Fuel Filter

1. Remove the Send Hose (the one with the blue connector from the tank to the fuel rail and discard it, BUT, KEEP THE QUICK CONNECTS
-Remove the spiral plastic stuff off the hose, cut it in half if you want, theres a plastic hose inside and the rubber on the outside is more of a heat shield, it won't hold and PSI for $hit! (I found out the hard way!)
2. After removing the Quick connect ends from the hose insert the one from the tank into a piece of 5/16" injector hose secure with a 14-16mm clamp
3. Measure the hose, where you want the filter, cut, insert the filter (MAKE SURE "FLOW" IS POINTING TOWARDS THE FUEL RAIL, NOT THE TANK) Secure with 14-16mm hose clamp
4. Take the other quick connect (One with a 90 degree bend, from the Fuel Rail) and insert into a piece of 5/16" Injector Hose, Secure with a 14-16mm hose clamp.
5. Cut the hose to length so that it fits up against the filter without bending, secure with a 14-16mm hose clamp.

That's it, put everything back together, change your filter more often, for only $4!