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TPS & TB Adjustment



TPS = Throttle Position Sensor -it does just what it says. TB Sych will make sure each TB lets the same amount of air into the engine. If these adjustments are out of whack you will get decreased performance and backfiring. I did mine and the bike has less vibration in my wrists now and has taken away the spots of hesitation I had. Overall it was a very easy adjustment.


Follow the TPS Video instructions. You can buy 2 cheap vacuum gauges to do the TB sync. I got mine from Harbor Freight OR you can buy the balancer shown in the video for about $75. 


When setting my TPS, the indicator was the middle bar when I started but would not change to the top bar until over 2K RPMs so I needed to readjust. I was able to easily get it on spot.

With the individual vacuum gauges you will have to restrict (dampen) the airflow otherwise the needles will wag the range of the meter. I dampened the airflow with surgical clamps (as shown below). I made sure that the needles wagged slightly to make sure I never completely cut off the pressure.

The bike heated up to 204* which threw off my 1400RPM and 2K RPM TB comparison Synch. I let the bike cool to 160* and I was able to align them perfectly.