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Clear Clutch Cover Conversion







This as an easy mod that you can do for about $300. The clear clutch cover was made by Lohman of  Tripple Z Racing A.K.A. Rifleman on and I bought the pressure plate from Rahul A.K.A rahulchandy on Originally the pressure plate was made by vandriver on


This conversion is for looks only and does not effect performance.


Clear Cover

Pressure Plate

Stock look

Remove fairing

Remove outer clutch cover

Remove retainer bolts and clutch springs

Remove Pressure plate

CAUTION: There is a small bearing amd awasher that sticks to the pressure plate whe youremove it. DO NOT DROP THIS BEARING.

Put the bearing and washer on the center shaft

Add new Pressure Plate

Make sure the teeth on the back of the pressure plate sits inside of the grooves of the friction plate. With little effore you should be able to push on the front of the pressure plate and have it sit snug against the clutch plates. If this does not happen try taking the pressure plate off and turning it -careful for that bearing.

Then add the springs and retainer bolts -USE BLUE LOCKTITE

Pressure plate on

Clutch cover on

Do not over tighten the cluthc cover bolts. This may warp the cover and cause it to leak

Rough mark for fairing mod

First pass fairing cut

First cut complete

Final cut

Final -trimmed

The trim I used was car door edging. this can be found at almost any auto store.