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Hydraulic Clutch Bleeding







There is no clutch adjustment for the TLR and when your fluid gets old your clutch doesn't engage until the lever is almost all the way out.  The clutch line runs right by the engine and heats the fluid causing it to fail pre-maturely. This should be done seasonally.


This is the basic process to manually bleeding a hydraulic line. The tube on the bleeder valve serve 2 purposes 1) to avoid a mess and 2) if there is a little backflow into the bleeder it will be the fluid in the tube and not air.

What you will need

1) The correct DOT fluid *use new fluid from an unopened can

2) Velcro strap

3) Wrench

4) Rubber tubing (not shown here)

Add the rubber hose to the bleeder valve

Remove the cap

Remove the rubber thing from the cap

Fill with good fluid

Cramped quarters so use your finger so that you don't get the fluid everywhere.

Put the cap back on (without rubber thing)

Squeeze the clutch 5 times then add the strap to hold the clutch in the engaged position

If this strap lets loose while the bleeder valve is open you may get air in your line (this is not good)

Open the bleeder vavle slightly and fluid will come out.

I am using an empty oil container to hold the old fluid.

After fluid stops coming out re-tightn the bleeder valve

Repeat process until good clean fluid comes out of the bleeder valve

Put the rubber thing back

Recap & done